Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

by The Saving

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released October 5, 2015



all rights reserved


The Saving Miami, Florida

This is not a band but a solo project. I am Andres Ortiz and I do everything here with the grace of God granted by His only Son Jesus.

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Track Name: Wrath & Condemnation
You are a child of hell, and everything that you do
from sunrise to set? You might as well
have been borne & bred by the devil.
The principles that you hold are all filthy,
frayed clothes being offered up in false hope.

You're a perverter of love,
a lover of perverse things.

Your tongue is black like soot from cursing
& you'd do well to cut it open
to behold all the pain it's inflicted.
Shut your mouth, you damned sinner, & listen.

The earth groans because you exist
The heavens cry out for justice
& you can’t resist.
Will you hear this warning?
Will you heed this proclamation?
Will you begin to hate your sin?

You are a child of hell,
damned sinner
You are a child of hell,
damned sinner
& your foot will slip in due time.

The very stench of Satan flows from
your rotten & sinful heart.
How can you salvage any part?
Even your good deeds are tainted
by selfish & petty thoughts
How can you salvage any part?
You have declared war on the Almighty
& you could never hope to win.
Forget what you've been told:
Your deepest desires are moved by sin.

God is not pleased with you.

Now do you seek to make penance?
You’ll find no hope in man’s help
'cause by the weight of your own sins
You'll fall quickly into hell
Will you kneel at the cross of salvation?
Or forever be cast out?
Leave your guilt at the foot of the Savior
& let your debt be cancelled out
Damned sinner, hear clearly:

Run away.
Escape the coming wrath.
Track Name: Desolatam
The black clouds of judgment
Hang like a dreadful storm
& they near to bring about doom.

Now that I have your attention:
At what cost will you live
The way you desire to live?
I know you don't believe in sin,
but think of that act you're ashamed of.
Yeah, that thing.
Are you prepared to answer for it?
To face the King of all truth & justice?
Can you stand?

Can you say with confidence
You could stand?
This is the call to leave while
there's still breath in your lungs.
This is the call to repentance.
Leave while there's still an exit.
Repent on this side of the chasm.

Hypocrite. You devote yourself
hopelessly to things like food.
Trying to kill death with good health
or saving the earth, but still you know
you feel alone and for good reason, I suppose
(your morality is a plague-sore)

Eternity is no comedy
& laughing about it will bring no remedy
You are lost & you need to understand this:

Your best intentions are but
a spider web trying to stop a falling rock.
Track Name: Hatred & Malice
Are you ready to die tonight?
Cause you'll be dead a long time
But only for a moment you'll be alive
& I swear, I swear if you're right
We will all be fine
But say for the sake of saying
That, per chance, we are right
Say there is a God & your sins arrived
at His throne & turned His face?
What then? What then?
Answer me, what then?

Will you choose another argument?
Since you have no greater offering?
Will you move away from theology
& talk about the origin of all things & life?
Save it. Just save it.

Do you feel that?
Do you feel that?
That's the feeling of shame.
Covered up by a false sense
Of "I know best."

Sad existence.
If you are self sufficient then reach perfection.
Define it for the sake of this conversation
But you can't.

Atheism: the opiate of the masses
To say there's nothing after this
To say no crimes will ever be punished.
Your arguments make up a house cards.
You want justice? Well...
Why not shoot up a school?
Why not murder your family, too?
Why not?
Because it's not good? Says who?
Because it's not truly fair? Says who?
Because it's not out of love? Says who?
Because you have no right to? Says who?
Says what authority? You?
Who are you?
By your own reasoning, just another ape.

I struggle criticizing in others
What I do often find in myself
I grind my teeth, I thrash & I weep
To be free of my horrible sin
But if God can show mercy
to someone like me then
surely you too can live.

Stop worshipping yourselves.
Track Name: Cursed & Hopeless
What hope is there for a world that
hates God & indeed hates itself?
It must come from outside.

Death is certain.

& if you still have hope for mankind
That we could somehow achieve
or reach peace without Christ
then just think on this:
By the end of this song...
How many women will end up raped?
& children killed where
they are most safe?
Or, excuse me, where they're supposed
To be most safe?

World peace. One love.
Ending hunger under the same tongue.
As we kill each other for drugs,
oil, & a false pedophile prophet.
Our thirst for blood makes us covet
& it makes us come undone.

Our world is burning
& we are all just playing the fiddle.
Our world is burning
& we are content just having sex.

Every brittle bone of our wretched corpse
holds naught but contempt for The Lord of Hosts.
Choose God? Hah!
We would sooner topple Him from the throne
than chose Him, if ever possible.
All across the world, we join hands
& walk over the pit on a rotten bridge.
Look what one sin has done.

Cut off from God. Cut off from grace.
Our sin has killed us, hope erased.
Track Name: Misery & Sadness
I'd like to pray but I can't
Maybe when I see the Son again
The sky is black by the throws of your bows
& they’re all aimed at my vitals.
I'd like to pray but I can't
Maybe when I see the Son again, maybe then.
When will Your love come back to me?
Though I wish that You were not with me.

I dread my past & where it has placed me
I look in the mirror & all I feel is hatred
What did I do to make You hate me so violently?

My free will would choose
to hang You again
For all the pain & hardship
I’ve endured at Your hands

What am I saying?
I’m an ingrate. blasphemous,
& pathetic. So pathetic.
God, leave me I am so
Weak & pathetic.
Unworthy of Your presence.
My past speaks, & it speaks truth
that I’m far too depraved
too bad even to seem good
That I don’t have a future
& much less stand before You.

"Count it all joy
Let it build you up.”
But not this, how can it?
I’ll end my life and
You can't stop it.

O' self you died
Trying to comfort in someone else
My despair is oceans deep,
You were supposed to wash me clean
What happened?

“You’re always preaching to yourself some kind
of gospel. It will be true gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ that will encourage & comfort your heart,
or it will be some anti-gospel,
a gospel of povery & aloneness
& weakness & doom.”

My heart is faint
My eyes filled with sorrow
I take pills to sleep
& I hold contempt for the morrow

My heart is faint
My eyes drip with sorrow
I drink myself to sleep
& I hold contempt for the morrow.

What happened?
How did I end up like this?
I know you see me & Your eyes are flaming,
& You’re not blinking.

Oh God, You know the truth,
I can barely stand to even look at you
but I have no one else to throw myself into.
Is this the punishment I reap
for fornicating at fifteen?
or is this what I get as payback
for being a selfish & prideful scumbag?
I feel so damn accused, & I can't shake it.
Your wrath burns hot, & I lay empty.
I have scrubbed hard, my hands are bleeding,
all just to grind my stains in deeply.

Do You hold my sins against me?

“See, here’s what religion will tell you:
‘clean it up, scrub it out’
How many of you tried that?
Scrub really hard, to make sure
that you grind the stain in deep.
All you were trying to do was clean yourself up
& all you did was make the stain bigger.”
Track Name: Post Tenebras Lux
Revelation 12:10 says that Satan is the accuser of the children of God
That he accuses them day & night.
Satan is keenly aware of every stain that travels with you.
& it says that he accuses day & night which means…
In the morning, you’re devastated by it
& when you go to bed, it’s the last thing on your mind.
You are haunted by what you’ve done.

“You are a failure.
You are a fornicator.
You are a pervert.
You are an addict.
You are an adulterer.
You are an aborter.
You are a thief.
You are a murderer.
You are unloved.
You are unworthy.
You are unchanged.
You should stop trying.
You should kill yourself.”

You look down & you realize…
That’s true, I’m filthy.
I have tried to scrub it out.
& all I’ve done is grind it in & make it bigger.
I have not walked through this world unstained.

& what Jesus says is: “I will trade you.
You give me your soiled, filthy,
stench-ridden rags, & I’ll wear them.
& I’ll give you my sinlessness, my holiness,
my righteousness, & you can wear that.
I will gladly trade you, your life for Mine.”

Know this, you’re the beloved.

Mark Driscoll.
Track Name: Joy & Gladness
I will rest on this truth, my God
That despair is a breath
But Your Word stands forever
& pain is just a part of life,
may it have its full effect on me.

I like to think I am stronger
& I like to think I know better
But I don't
I don't know how to be grateful
I don't know how to praise You, God
Or how to restrain my thoughts
From the sinful throws
Of this wicked life
But hear this plea,
if it brings You glory
& great benefit to me
Then thank you very much
I'll have another.

Test me, the very depths of me
For my heart prides itself
In being Your enemy
Be ever patient with me, God
Unlike I have been with You
The words of my lips
The filth my mind thinks
You were put to death for it.
My sins are darker than night
Yeah, I know I deserve to die.

But you won't punish me
For my sins you placed on Him.

If it all goes to hell You still sit on
Your throne, this is true & I know it.
I have joy because You rose again
On that great third day
I have joy because I can trust Your wounds
No matter what you take or give
No matter what nightmare you inflict
I will trust that You care for me
& that it's all done as love through discipline.

If I don't bear the ugly scars
Of your stern but loving rods
Then how can I say I am Yours?

It's all love through discipline

But you won't punish me
For my sins you placed on Him.
Track Name: Blessed & Hopeful
From your addiction, to your divorce.
From your worldview, to empty discourse
From your abortion, to your lust
despite all your actions, there is hope from above.
Mercy! Mercy! I call continuously on both our behalves
Mercy! Mercy! & I pray you would cherish it, I call down now
Mercy! Mercy! God first loved me that way,
dying for me in that helpless state,
forgive me if I show any other.

I’ll hope against your hopelessness.
I’ll pray when you spit in my face
Pray when you curse at me
Not because I'm any better but because
God first loved me that way,
God first loved me that way,
dying for me in my helpless state.

This is an invitation to be fathered
loved & saved from the slaughter.
To be a son or a daughter.

This is the call to repent of all that you’ve done.
This is the call to rethink the way you see all things.

The way you see yourselves & each other
The way life after death is now viewed.
To have your mind closed on the truth.
There is grace. There is life.

What will you do with all your guilt
& all your shame when it’s terribly late?
You’re asking for reasons, but you’re proudly blind.
Track Name: Gentleness & Respect
Why should your end be marked by terror?
Lost & confused, alone?
You can’t see the love you’ve been daily shown
the grace in your life, though you fall so short.
Behold, sin is crouching at your door
it is the ruin & misery of your soul.

(The rich dies as the poor)
They said "peace & safety"
(The wise dies as the fool)
but death came quickly
(Sin must be answered for)

You won't budge to reason
so I'll entertain idle talk for a second.

Question: why would a man-made God
be so holy & so impossible to please?
What do we stand to gain from
a story so terrifying?
What do we reap from a story
where no act of man contrived
can leave true justice satisfied?
Where our deeds make the worst dictator
look no different than you & me?

Wash your guilty heart in the
fount of divine grace.
Lay your weary head to rest
Let your sins be cast as far
as the east is from the west
Let the perfect Christ take your place.

You hang over a fiery & terrible pit
by a thin & tearing string
(you stand to fall)
All your health & personal care
& best schemes will do you no well
(you stand to fall)
they will benefit you nothing.

You can kill us by spear & torch
but martyr blood is the seed of the Church so
with all the saving love of our King
we will sing:

Why should you suffer outside?
Repent & believe. Enter in.
Why should you suffer outside?
Why do you fight the King of Kings?
For the detrimental enjoyment
of these sinful & foolish things
That will consume you?

Why should you suffer outside?
Repent & believe. Enter in.
Track Name: Maranatha
Yahweh, save us!
We want to see You move.

In the hearts of the destitute & hopeless. Move!
In the minds of the clinically insane, yes. Move!
In the lives of my friends & family, come on now move!
& on my haggard backside I pray You cleanse me & move!

Persevere through my weakness.

My goal in life is to not look left or right
but look straight & above
to the One who chose me in love
& perfects me by His blood.
So please don’t look too long my way
I’m a sinner, always in need of grace
trying to keep dying to my selfish ways.

Child of wrath, dead in transgressions & sins
crucified & buried with Him.
By grace, I have been saved
it was a work of God.
Dead to sin, alive in Him.

My sins you knew far too well
with all I've done & everything I would do.
With foreknowledge of my sins
past, present, & future you still gave up your life.

Truly, I don't know what it is
to love those who love their sin
as graciously & as tender
as You have loved me.

& if you're listening
Yea, you sinner, keep listening
If you get nothing else from me
I hope that you'll finally get this:
God is willing this day to forgive
God sent His Son that you would live.

There is hope for your life
there's redemption for you in Christ.

So say it, so just say it
confess it. Let Him enter
& let Him change you.

Yahweh. Move!

In the hearts of everyone who lives in heavy shame, move!
In the minds of those who swear You don't exist, move!
In the lives of every person hearing this, come on now, move!
& on my sinful, sad life, forgive me & move.
Track Name: Grace & Salvation
Sin is surmounting
How do you expect to be set free?

Is there reason to what you believe?
Have you examined your creed
Or do you trust your life to error?
Is there reason for love or for grief?
Or do you behold the stars at night
Hoping there's nothing left after death?

Sin is surmounting
How do you expect to be set free?
Grace as an ocean,
The door now swings wide open.
Walk right in.

Is there reason to what you believe?
Have you examined your creed
Or do you trust your life to error?
Is there reason for love or for grief?
Or do you behold the stars at night
Hoping there's nothing left after death?

O' now consider it,
Would death come & find you
empty of love or salvation?
'cause when all is said & done
you'll never be good at all.
Christ alone, & no one else can save you.

No one else can bring the dead to life
Can be the sacrifice for all your sins & mine.

"I trust that will be so personal, so precious to you.
I trust that there are times when the tears flow from your eyes & your heart is about to melt, as you contemplate & consider the great calvary love of Christ as He laid down His life for His sheep.
May God press this to your heart & bring great blessing, as it is the truth that truly will set you free."
Track Name: δοῦλος
"My question to you, if someone were to say 'who are you?'
The first word that popped into your mind and out your mouth
would it be 'I am a slave'?"
-Paul Washer

These are the chains I bear
and not because I chose them
I'd be damned if left up to me
yea, I'd be hopeless
Bound for hell, filth & sin was my process
a son of wrath & unbelief
Lustful, & I loved it
Profane, & I loved it
A bastard, & I loved it

But who could resist Your will?
I've known from before yet I attempt to still
With no obligations You forgave all my sins
You killed Your Son that I would live,
& live life abundantly

Now you will not mess with my cause
& you will not mess with my church
yea, you will not mess with my family
you will not make light of wicked deeds
& much less of my King

My call to forgive is not a call to give in

Intolerant, bound by truth
but the fact we disagree
doesn't mean that I hate you.

Your soul matters to God
& so it matters to me
You say I'm brainwashed
& I say "I wish"

Call me a slave,
I'll wear these chains proudly.