Reign Of Terror [EP]

by The Saving

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This is a concept album done entirely by one person; all drums, guitars, bass, and vocals was a solo effort. The concept of these songs is to show the error of secularism as it was shown during the 18th century in France. I encourage you to further research the reign of terror's history.

Open your eyes, and shut your mind on the truth of Christ.


released November 11, 2012

Drums recorded at Starlight Studios in Orlando, Fl.
Everything else was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Motion Audio Studios in Smithsburg, Maryland.



all rights reserved


The Saving Miami, Florida

This is not a band but a solo project. I am Andres Ortiz and I do everything here with the grace of God granted by His only Son Jesus.

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Track Name: Revolution
18th century France
The country suffers a violent period
of social and political revolt.
The Church is stripped
of any authority and land.
The King and Queen are executed,
crosses are destroyed,
and hundreds of priests are
murdered by angry mobs.
The guillotine is created and serves
as a warning to anyone who opposes
the new powers that be.
A new calendar is also introduced
for the sake of dechristianization
and tens of thousands of people are
murdered by the government
and the social movements.
At the time some thought of this as
a revolution, a new beginning
a better execution of freedom
with a perfect understanding of tolerance.
But history has remembered this time as
the reign of terror.
Track Name: Storming The Prison
What cause has found all the answers?
What cause has made its work the freedom of man?
We meant no harm in our intentions
save for those who dare to question our path
Now all hail reason.
Roughly 30,000 muskets.
Don't resist us, hand over what is ours
There is no mercy for dissent
Reject your faith, and light the sky
Death to the symbol of your power and authority,
O' King (statues fall, temples defiled) All hail reason
Don't try to deal with us until the invalids have truly
met their fate. (Surrender the armory)
The people demand justice, liberty calls to be profane
blood covers the roads and still we are far from done
Blood covers the roads and still we have yet to
quench our damned thirst

The barren prison burns in the glory of our indulgence
Men, here are your rights! Citizens, declare them!
We should be so lost to resort to the chains of religion.
The blood of kings water your furrows.
The blood of kings will water your gardens.
Enough, let them all die!
Where is your God? Call upon Him now,
that we may all see and taste of His lies.
Saved by the blood? Swept by the flood?
Open your eyes and shut your mouth
before we run you out.
Where is your God? Call upon Him now,
that we may all see and taste of His sorry lies.
Erase the cancer, bow down
and dismiss eternity for our sake,
the forever loud minority.
This is the end of our efforts.
This is our godless ambition.
To live free without purpose.
To preach logic unto the ends of the earth
And the king says today was nothing!
Where is your God? Call upon the Holy One now.
Track Name: Dead Lyon
State your beliefs, destroy your questions
forget your doubts
No more gods, no more contradictions
I am max and I bring you your new lord
and savior, a new hope, to bring purity of thought
and freedom (blasphemy)
For all the ones who stand firm, for those who love the unseen
History will be kind to us, for we intend to write it with your blood.
Impregnable to faith, freedom at last
So one at a time, fall in line and state your beliefs
before it's all you have left
"I will end you as your jaw hangs off"
What will our children say?
If we are to rely on those who rely on faith
I demand to speak to this Creator
face to face, because whose to say
I can't break Him?
We can't bow to what's not proven
Maybe bliss is ignorance.
But I refuse to see what good hope brings
forth in anyone, so witness the birth of an
anarchy, the death of the Christian cause.
So state your beliefs, destroy your questions
Forget your God. Forget what you know.
Give us your support or we burn it all
History will be kind to us, cause we
intend to write it with your blood.
The death of all tenacious believers
will be the song of our revolution.
Track Name: Charlotte Corday
I will do something about your writings,
the deaths you caused, and the
torment you profited from.
You are the unholy enemy of our land
and I will use my hands to make sure you
promote chaos no more.
Fear me, leper.
My name is the virgin dagger.
And though I know that murder is wrong
I hope to take pride that I killed
just one demagogue
to save the shed of blood
but not the wide ignorance
of ten thousand folk

"Europe is living under an illusion
that it is expelling religion.
Europe will not be irreligious for long,
another religion will take over."
-Ravi Zacharias

(I am tired of being passive
and sick at the state of my nation)
I don't live for myself
But I live that others may see
a beacon of righteousness through
vengeance and holiness.
The words of man say we are mighty
still we are capable of monstrous and horrid things.
Truth is we are dead in our sins

Too late for penance,
I will watch you drown in your own blood.
It won't be much longer
before your worthless followers
begin hunting me down;
and I can see death coming
I can see it, it's imminent!
But I welcome it with open arms
because I am willing to die so
that your portrait may be cause for
scoff and charade.
Don't you dare call me friend,
go back to hell where you now belong.
Don't underestimate me, I am the virgin.
Track Name: Jaw Breaker
I think it's clear now who had the great fall attempted suicide ended with hanging jaw.
I was loved by my followers, the incorruptible was my entrance song. But I was wrong.

Now I'm in prison, craven to face the death I had once strongly supported. But who is counting?
The words I said to exalt the death of opponents, have been turned back to me. I think my monster has turned on me.
17,000 heads, me and my friends
have endorsed to be cut off.
Save it, I don't regret it.
Here's to the sound of my
name through the ages.
Fix your eyes on me
I am the maker of this onslaught
who brought the terror
the scholars have taught.
Don't take the bullet of
Christ or His Way.
My plans are obviously best.

The rights of men pertain to their salt
whatever salt they bring to the council
I will see that we all have one accord
until the streets have found us shameless.
But now my time has come
I've run the race for all the atheists
To keep our hope anchored in stone
To hear satan's kingdom come

Who's your protector?
Who's your supply?
Who can set you free?
Who will say, place your
yoke upon me?
Who can be your banner?
Tell me, who can turn the waves
of our errors and calm the seas?
No one but me, see the irony?
Even killing me, they love me
and I face the sky.
Hear me clearly, pity is treason
Track Name: Prelude
Bless the Lord, O' my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before, O' my soul
I'll worship Your holy name
Track Name: Meet The Blade
"Unfortunately, you may not like what I'm going
to say here, I hope I don't offend anybody.
The problem with America today is not America
it's the church, we have become very shallow
as Christians, somewhere we fell into the trap
of believing that music is everything
forgetting that it's only one thing, and that
teaching and ideas are important."
-Ravi Zacharias

All hail the Creator.
Son Of Man. The sovereign eye
over the nations.
The God who heaven itself
can barely even contain.
Study the past, and research
the aforementioned.
God forbid we drink the cup
of mongrels
History has warned us
now bow and be prostrate
before Father Spirit and Son

Freedom, joy, life and wealth
all good things have come from Him
the saving power of Christ the King
is what we seek through true sacrifice

So come and protect us from
ourselves, we don't want to fail!
Prophesy, that we may hear your call
then we can put off our old clothes
and change the world

Lord would you teach us to be sanctified?
To visit the orphan, and keep undefiled?
That we may drink Your blood in a worthy manner,
for the sake of the One who sits next to the Father

Curse our idols now.
Kingdom come down.

Lest we fight back
when we meet the blade
that which bring
us to holiness

If only the preceding was devoid
any true meaning, but there is
much for us to learn
when mankind has banished God

I don't seek for this to go far
I just want to be obedient to the calling
the call to tear down the church walls;
the very walls these coward ministers
have built up that keep us from speaking
into every part of culture.
Open your eyes, and shut your mind
on the truth of Christ.

Awful, beautiful, and mighty to save
is the Lord who can take a broken life
shattered hearts and sinful minds
and say without any regret:
"I forgive, so I forget"

Before You formed us in the womb you had a purpose
and before You take a life you have a purpose
and though family, friends, and self will fail
we don't look down but up to Your purpose.

"Although the bible tells us not that we are able to gain an assurance of our salvation
but that we are obligated to get an assurance of salvation;
but there's a difference between true assurance and false assurance.
a lot of people think that all you have to do to get in the Kingdom of God
is to raise your hand at a revival meeting and walk down the aisle
or say the sinner's prayer and make a profession of faith.
Nobody was ever saved by a profession of faith.
We're supposed to make a profession of faith
but that profession doesn't get us anywhere, we have to have it.
And when I ask the question to a person 'do you love Christ perfectly?'
I've only had a couple of people say to me that yeah they did
most people say no they don't love Christ perfectly
Second question is 'Do you love Him as much as you ought to?'
Well, we ought to love Him perfectly
If we don't love Him perfectly then we obviously don't love Him
as much as we ought to, and if I don't love Christ as much
as I know I should, that casts a certain power of doubt over my assurance
and that's why I get to the third question that you've already referred to
'Do you love Him at all? Do you have any affection in your heart for Jesus?'
Now I have to qualify this, when I say do you have any affection
in your heart for Jesus, I mean the biblical Jesus.
Are you familiar with biblical portrait of Jesus and do you have
a heart that has affection for Him?
Now why I ask that question is important, but the only way that any fallen
human being ever has genuine religious affection for Christ, is by the
regenerating power of God, the Holy Spirit." - R.C. Sproul
Behold, resurrection
Behold, Christ the Lord
and again, all hail the Creator