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Are you ready to die tonight?
Cause you'll be dead a long time
But only for a moment you'll be alive
& I swear, I swear if you're right
We will all be fine
But say for the sake of saying
That, per chance, we are right
Say there is a God & your sins arrived
at His throne & turned His face?
What then? What then?
Answer me, what then?

Will you choose another argument?
Since you have no greater offering?
Will you move away from theology
& talk about the origin of all things & life?
Save it. Just save it.

Do you feel that?
Do you feel that?
That's the feeling of shame.
Covered up by a false sense
Of "I know best."

Sad existence.
If you are self sufficient then reach perfection.
Define it for the sake of this conversation
But you can't.

Atheism: the opiate of the masses
To say there's nothing after this
To say no crimes will ever be punished.
Your arguments make up a house cards.
You want justice? Well...
Why not shoot up a school?
Why not murder your family, too?
Why not?
Because it's not good? Says who?
Because it's not truly fair? Says who?
Because it's not out of love? Says who?
Because you have no right to? Says who?
Says what authority? You?
Who are you?
By your own reasoning, just another ape.

I struggle criticizing in others
What I do often find in myself
I grind my teeth, I thrash & I weep
To be free of my horrible sin
But if God can show mercy
to someone like me then
surely you too can live.

Stop worshipping yourselves.


from Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God, released October 5, 2015



all rights reserved


The Saving Miami, Florida

This is not a band but a solo project. I am Andres Ortiz and I do everything here with the grace of God granted by His only Son Jesus.

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